Down Care

Caring For Down:

·       Down needs plenty of breathing room.

·       When airing your duvet, hang it over a clean, study clothesline so the weight is evenly distributed.

·       Breezes help the down to resettle and warm sunshine evaporates any trapped moisture, thus keeping the feathers fresh and fluffy.

·       The best protection is prevention.  With a bit of care, down-filled bedding may go without washing or dry-cleaning for two to five years.  Guard your Duvet from stains and spills with a fabric cover with a large opening for easy changing and washing.

·       Protect pillows with pillow protectors, and of course, pillowcase.

Washing & Stain Removal:

·       If an accident occurs, act quickly to stop the liquid spreading to your duvet, and prevent a stain drying.  Strip off the duvet cover, blot up as much liquid as possible with an absorbent cloth, such as an old towel or paper towels.  With natural filled duvets, the filling should be shaken away from the affected area.  The filling can then be redistributed after cleaning, drying and airing.

·       Immediate sponging with warm water containing a little detergent should be sufficient to clear most localised spillages.  Avoid over-wetting by blotting as you work.

·       It is advisable to wipe the affected area with a solution of cold water and antiseptic in the case of urine or sickness contamination.

·       Blood is best removed by sponging with cold water containing salt.  However, always clear with cold water.

·       It is very important to thoroughly dry the affected area to avoid mildew or smell setting in.  Small areas can be dried with electric hair dryer and larger areas with a carefully positioned fan heater or over a radiator.  Follow up by airing your duvet as mentioned earlier.

·       NEVER remove stains by bleaching as this will damage the fabric.

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