Pillow Care

·       Down pillows require a cover and a pillow case.  Besides protecting against dust, humidity and natural oils, covers help down pillows keep their shape.

·       A daily fluffing will also prevent dust from collecting and will redistribute the filling evenly.

·       Once a season, air out pillows by hanging them near an open window or on a clothesline (but avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as it can deteriorate the natural fibres).

·       If stains have penetrated through to the lining, spot-clean them with a mild detergent; air thoroughly to prevent mold.

·       If heavily soiled, you can deep clean your pillows.  To do this, remove the case and cover and examine the lining for tears that could release down.  Then either hand-wash in a tub with mild, low sudsing detergent, or clean in a front-loading machine.  Do not wring.  Tumble dry on low heat along with several clean, dry towels, which will absorb excess moisture.  To keep the down fluffy and evenly distributed, add a few tennis balls encased in clean cotton socks.  To avoid overeating, check on pillows every thirty minutes and take them out when thoroughly dry.

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